How To Make And Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

Many of us find it hard to achieve our goals, declutter our minds from the past, to learn or stop some bad habits of ours.

Yet, we still hope to achieve our goals and dreams, and develop ourselves, that is why some of us create a new year’s resolution. —Still, not everyone knows the importance and ways to create and stick to their new year’s resolution.

So in this article, I will be sharing ways, how we can create and stick to our New year’s resolutions for the betterment of ourselves.


What Is New Year’s Resolution?
Why Is New Year’s Resolution Important?
How Can We Make And Stick To Our New Year’s Resolution?
Final Thoughts

What Is New Year’s Resolution?

A New Year’s Resolution can mean a lot of things. It is commonly practiced in the western and eastern part of the world —A new year’s resolution is the period which we think back to the previous year and set new goals for ourselves towards the upcoming year.

Why Is New Year’s Resolution Important?

Creating a New Year’s Resolution is as important as preparing yourself for a greater achievement in the future. As we all know new year’s resolution is a period we looked back to the mistakes we made, the goals we failed to achieve and lesson we learnt from the previous year —That is why we create a new year’s resolution to avoid making same mistakes we made the previous year, achieved our unachievable goals, and as well improve ourselves.

How Can We Make And Stick To Our New Year’s Resolution?

Making a new year’s resolution comes from our own mindset –Things you felt to have done the previous year and we thought of not repeating such things, or things we think we want to start developing for the betterment of ourself in the upcoming year.

For example: “I want to develop the habit of sleeping at least 7 hours per night.” This is a goal I set for myself and new year’s resolutions are made up of Goals which we want to accomplish all through the year.

New year’s resolution is also a means of creating a new habit and stick to it —If I want to be sleeping 7 hours per night is a goal in life I set for myself and for that goal to be accomplished I need to turn such goals into a habit, by continuously doing it on a daily basis.

So Below are some amazing ways to make and stick to your New Year’s Resolution.

1. Think About Things You Want To Accomplish.

2. Write Them Down Each Goals You Want To Accomplish.

3. Analyzed Them And Create Deadlines For Such Goals Using Calender .

4. Start With The Smaller Goals.

5. Don’t Beat yourself up if you fail to commit yourself to your goals real things take time, give yourself time and it will actually turn to Habit.  

6. Reward Yourself.

7. And Always Review Your Resolution Every Week Of The Year.

Final Thoughts

Do you have any habit you want to develop or stop? This is an opportunity for you to create a new Resolution and stick to it, as he who starts earlier finishes early. Start your year with a new mind set of developing something great for yourself.

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