Fate:(hard to find) Chapter: fifteen

Fate:(hard to find)
Chapter fifteen
Breaking news
Nwanne Ifeoma
“I’m sorry”
I didn’t mean to interrupt you two.
Thanks for yesterday but I will be on my way now.
“Anastasia said trying so hard to control herself.”
Anastasia wait, I can explain”
It not what …….
Sir, please you owe me no explanation, so there is no need to do so.
Ana, put your self together, you don’t love him, him kissing some else shouldn’t be your problem.
” But why does it hurt,? Why do I feel like I just lost something so dear to me? My heart is heavy and I can’t believe he kissed her.
” He just told me a few minutes ago that she meant nothing to him so he was just lying.
“I should had known that men are jerk but Ana you’re always a fool.
Forget this feeling you are having for him and focus on your work.
Michelle, look, you shouldn’t have done what you just did. The reason why you are still standing here is because I have known you for long and I value women but please next time don’t cross your limits with me.
You’re a smart and beautiful young lady any man will like to have you but not me, I don’t have any form of romantic feeling for you and I don’t intend leading you on in order to hurt you in future .
Let keep our relationship professional, cover yourself properly and leave my house.
“Quick advice”, never you throw your self at men, it makes you look cheap and worthless.
Most importantly, i Love Going after my woman not her coming after me. ”
” He said as he made his way back to his room thinking of how he will make Anastasia believe that there is nothing going on between him and Michelle.
It was clear to him that he loves Anastasia and Michelle just messed things up for him. How will he make her understand and see that he loves her and want to be with her her not Michelle.
” Charles think, what will you do now “, you know that Anastasia is one crazy and stubborn woman. She won’t let you explain any of this to her. Can’t she just read my mind and see that i love her but no she will definitely choose the difficult path now.
” Women are trouble and difficult creature, hard to understand and explain.
Here is Michelle, that I don’t love but will do anything to get me to herself in the other hand is Anastasia whom I love and want to be with but she is making it difficult and keep pushing me away. When will fate stop playing games on me?.
” Charles spent the rest of the weekend thinking of Anastasia and how to win her trust. He wasn’t sure if he should visit her or wait until Monday to know what her reaction will be. But first he decided to find out if she actually felt the same way about him so he won’t get himself rejected.
How dare Charles, so he stood me for that low life secretary of his.
That thing, what does she have that so special that will make Charles love her. Even when he is not saying anything about his feeling but his eyes gives him away. After how many years of secretly loving him and hoping that he notice me. Now that I finally got that chance of showing him how capable I am but this secretary of his have to spoil it.
No way, She cannot spoil my dream of becoming Mrs Charles.
He calls me cheap but that secretary of his spent the night in his place, so that why he was busy looking at him through out the party last night.
It fine, she think it over yet, this is just the beginning and I will make sure to use the kiss and play with her little head. It a good thing she saw me with him
” I am not giving him up with out a fight, it either his mine or no body else.”
******The call*******
Hello! Is Ms Anastasia on the line
Yes, this is Ms Anastasia, and how many I help you?
“I called to inform you that one Mr Charles was involved in a car accident. Going through his phone history, you were the last person he called. He have being taken to the City hospital, and your presence or any of his family members are needed to be present.

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