Fate:( hard to find)Chapter: Nine

Fate( hard to find)
Chapter Nine
By Nwanne Ifeoma
This is not happening, she dare raised a first finger at me in front of my staff. No…way this lady has some nerve. Charles kept on ranting as he paced and fuming in anger. He was ready to devour like an angry lion whose tail was touched.
” Hey man, Peter walked in.
Hope you liked your new secretary,
His friend and business partner asked, hoping to be praised by his choice but was surprised to what he heard.
Peter, “this must be a sick joke right,” he said in a harsh tone, don’t tell me that excuse of a woman is the replacement you and Ms Sandra employed to be my secretary because if she is the one just go tell her that she fired.
” Her services is not needed here and with her malevolent behavior, she is bad for business.” I can’t work with a characterless person like her.
When you do just that, arrange another interview this time I will be selecting to avoid unnecessary drama. ” You can now leave my office I need to me left alone. He scolded his friend.
” Lastly, make sure I don’t see her around this building” only heaven will safe her from my terror.
Poor Peter, “lost and confused of what just happened.” Never seen his friend this angry or spoken to him rudely before. He found this new behavior odd.
He understood that trying to reason with his friend right now will be bad and since he had no idea what transpired between the secretary and him that caused him to despised her so much.
” He left without saying a word to his angry looking friend. He met Ms Sandra on his way out who looked as confused as him about the situation.
Peter got all the information he needed after talking to Ms Anastasia and with that he uncovered that she was the same girl his friend have being whining about and actually today she crossed her limit by slapping him.
He didn’t say much to her, only assured her that she still has a Job with “ZETECH” but needs to give him a few days to sorts thing with Mr CEO.
To him, he believed that fate was playing a funny game with his friend and maybe there is a reason why he had been crossing paths with this Young lady. She could be the one his searching for.
It was funny watching his friend rant about how much he dislike her and is actually enjoying the type of effect Ms Anastasia hold on Charles and it will be dumb to fire just an amazing personality just because they started off on a bad terms.
He was More determined to make Charles allow her be his secretary in as much as he knows it a hard task but he believes he will give in. His not just my business partner but friend so he needs to hear my opinion and see reason for not firing her. Charles has a kind and generous heart I know he will listen to me.
******* Anastasia**************
How will I tell my mom I just lost the job on my first day?
This is really bad, I saw how excited she was hearing about it but now how will I take away her joy. No way Ana you will not inform her just act like every thing is fine until “Mr Peter get back to you, I said to myself”. I stayed back in a small corner hoping for the day to be over before heading home.
At night sleeping became difficult as I kept on tossing and turning on my bed. The guilt of lying to my Mother was killing me and I kept causing myself for being so unlucky in life. It a shame that I have to suffer through out my lifetime.
After a week, Ana received a message from Mr Peter.
Ms Anastasia, your presence is needed in the office tomorrow morning, be sure to arrive on time. This is your last chance, don’t make me regret this decision.
Mr Peter Denise
(Managing director human resource)

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