Fate (hard to find) Chapter: Two

Title: Fate: (hard to find) ,
By: Nwanne Ifeoma
Chapter: Two
I think Peter is right, apart from my mom constant nagging about Grand children. I need a life apart from work and spending time with Peter and his family.
I will be 30 years by September but No girlfriend or a lover . I have buried myself with work maybe these have to do with the fact that i have always being shy to talk to women, I become dumb whenever I am around any female that i have love interest in, the right words never comes out and I just chicken out like a little boy. I don’t know why I’m like this. People think that I am the ladies guy, judging by my look and financial status not doing that I have been so unlucky when it comes to love and relationship, I fall for the wrong people which in return break my heart after playing with my emotions.
At my age; I am doing well even better than my peers not to brag. At the age of 25 I became the CEO of a multi-million ICT Company. I have gotten many award and recognition both locally and international. Let just say I was lucky when it comes to business. I’m a passionate young man who loves his work and I believe in working smart, knowing the right ways to deliver and win the heart of my clients. My Parents were my first investors and I never let them down. Ever since then I have being doing fine and closing so many deals thanks to God.
Peter have being my trusted friend we have being inseparable since Secondary School days. We knew Alot about each other, he was that brother I never had. Peter was always jovial and playful but very intelligent. We got along very well and now we are business partner. He is the one I would call the ladies man, I still don’t know how he get ladies falling for him. Playing with different women emotions until karma caught Up with him and now he is happily married with two kids. Who would have thought that Marriage would change him and turn him into a better man and a great father. He even worries about getting home late. What a life ….
Story of my Life,mmmm… nodding my head in a disappointed manner.
Maybe I am not lucky with this love of a thing. It just not for me maybe It my Destiny to die alone. I think that’s why God have blessed with so much money so that I won’t say he didn’t give me anything to be happy with.
Sometimes i wished my mother will understand and give me a break. The last relationship I was in nearly killed me. I loved Kate a whole lot but it turned out that she was just in for my money. When I found that she was pregnant for her suppose boyfriend. Her reason was that I am not romantic or what did she call it again ” boring” these was a lady I did so much for I thought she was the one but it was just in my head. The news of her pregnancy did a lot of damage to my life I nearly lost my company thanks to my Friend peter who brought me back to life and Senses again . It was really a dark phase in my life that that point, thinking of all the heart breaks I had have, I decided it was best to just stay away from anything called love or relationship. Since ladies love the bad boys association which I’m not interested in becoming one so made my laptop my love and buried myself with work. It was working perfectly well until recently that my big woman want to become a grandma.
I think is now time to put all these things in the past and find a good woman not just for my mother’s sake but for myself.
My worry is all about finding a girl who is not just after my money and who would love me just the way I am . a girl that will see the real man in me and love it. That the big question and a hard nut to crack.
Stay tune…..

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