Fate ( hard to find) Chapter: twelve

Fate ( hard to find)
Chapter twelve
The Ride
“Hey” Ms, the voice said again
My heart jumped in fear, I turned and saw a car flash. It was already dark and I couldn’t figure out who that was. My heart beat faster than normal as I thought of what to do.
” Should I run or face who so ever that was”
“Okay” Ana , just ignore and walk faster ” don’t show any sign of fear, behave normal,” don’t turn around and keep walking” I kept telling myself as if that will help me out of this situation.
“Anastasia'” the voice called out”
This time I had to stop, the voice seem so familiar and when I turned it was “Mr grumpy”,.
What is he doing here and what do he want from me this time? I wondered.
It was his fault that I had to close late today of all days.
This rude man made me complete every single task and even more just to punish me for coming in late and now he is here driving comfortable in his car.join us on telegram through+2335441
42683 to read more of such stories. I am sure he wants to rub salt in my injury and show off how great he is.
“Just ignore him, he will leave you alone once his tired.”
“Ms Anastasia” hop in, let me take you home. It already dark and it dangerous for a young woman to walk alone on this path anything can happen. “He said”
Thanks but No thanks, “I will be fine” I said and rolled my eyes before walking away and he trailed behind me with his car.
” Woman”, stop acting so childish and stubborn, I know it easy for you to endanger your self but some of us are not use to that kind of life.
I still value myself, so before you get us killed this night I will come right there and carry you into this car and tie you down on the seat so you won’t escape.
“which will it be?.
” He said with so much authority”
This boss of mine is unpredictable, why do he care if I get killed? It should be a good news to him at least I won’t be bothering him anymore.
My legs actually hurt badly because I have been trekking for long and if I don’t enter that car right now I am pretty sure he will carry out his threat. “He is capable of anything.
” Ms Anastasia ” I am still waiting, Don’t just make me come out of this car or it won’t end well”
Geez! This man is just impossible”
He still order me around even I am not in his office . I just wish I can just teach him a lesson but that won’t be possible.
I opened the door with a shaky hand and sat quietly with out saying a word. The atmosphere was awkward as I bent and knot the Hem of my dress something I do when ever I am nervous .
I watched Anastasia from the side mirror, she looks uncomfortable and nervous.
” Damn! Do I make her feel this way that she can’t even look up. Why do she have a swollen eye and her eye is so red as if she had being crying for long. Was it my words that still hurt her or is there something else ? Charles when did you become this monster” talk to her and find out what wrong with her.
“Excuse me Sir but I will alight here, thanks for the lift”
Here! “this is not your house and I promise myself that I will be taking you home tonight”, so seat and direct me to your house.
I’m sorry Sir, but I will not be going home. I need to head to the hospital , my Mother have being admitted so I need to visit her and spend the night with her. I will be fine from here and I don’t want to inconvenience you anymore.
For the first time in myself I was disappointed with myself and behavior, so that why she was late and I was blinded to see her pains. Charles look what anger had gotten you into.
“Ms Anastasia, don’t worry about me I will still take you to the hospital, it won’t be fair if I leave you all by yourself standing here to wait for a cab that will be irresponsible of me and I don’t intend risking that.
I’m sorry, I know you must think that I am a bad person but I am not that monster I made you believe. Can we just start over and this time maybe we can be friends.
Why the sudden change in his behaviours and why is he being nice all of a sudden. I still can’t believe that Mr grumpy said sorry. Did he eat something that made him loss his senses because this whole thing is strange and new.
The next morning the doctor came in to informed me that the hospital bills had been cleared and he can now carry out the surgery.
I was excited and happy about the news. ” was it Mr grumpy I asked myself? But I never mentioned anything about the bills to him. I got a next stating that I can take a week off from work and look after my Mother. When I saw the text I was happy that means he made the payment.
” There is so much more about this grumpy boss of mine that I am yet to understand.

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