Fate: (hard to find) Chapter: thirteen

Fate (hard to find)
Chapter thirteen
Jealous and denial
Nwanne Ifeoma
Congratulations! Mr Charles,
Once again you have proven to be the best out of many others.
Thank you Michelle, it an honour and I won’t have done it without my team. They are the real winners.
” You are such a gentleman and modest person, giving all the credit to your team that what made you outstanding.
The conversation between the two went on for a while but I was unable to hear anything they were saying due to the loud music but I can’t help but wonder what was happening with the two and watch the way she kept on laughing and smiling every minute
” I watched them talk and she won’t miss any opportunity of touching him.
” What’s even so funny that making her laugh so much.
” is not that Mr grumpy knows how to crack a good joke, so what up with this Michelle of a person ? Can’t she keep her hands to her self.
I was angered seeing Charles with Michelle together. I can’t explain why but seeing them together made me so angry.
” They look good together, “don’t there”, a voice said to me from behind.
Turning, I saw Mr Peter smiling at me.
Tell me, what you think “Ms Anastasia”
They look like the perfect couple
“Wh..what, I growled”
With all due respect Sir,
I don’t think she is good for him, look it obvious she just faking it” and you know fully well that Mr grumpy isn’t funny.
“I said with a frown”
Peter laughed at her choice of words, “Mr grumpy”, that what you call your boss, Ms Anastasia?
This two are just unbelievable, so Charles calls her crazy lady and her, she calls him Mr grumpy.
” Then tell me, who do you think is good for him, if not Michelle, because all I can see is that the two are enjoying each other company and maybe will make a great couple in a near future but if you think she not good for Mr grumpy, then tell me who will be?
“Perhaps you”, Peter asked
Me ! I responded in shock
That isn’t possible, he is above my reach and remember he is my boss. And I will never have someone like him, I am not his type, we are two wall apart.
I Just believe that Michelle is not just good for him that’s it and I am not also the type of person he will look at. Most importantly I will never allow myself like someone like him or of his social class. Experience is the best teacher.
“Sir, it just not possible”,
The society will never allow this type of relationship some one ends up getting hurt at end.
” Is it what you think or what you made your self believe to be true in order to hide your true feeling”?
Search your heart and you will find the answers to why you can’t take your eyes off him”.
“Smiling as he walked away to see the rest of guest.
“Oh here you’re”
“Being looking for you and here you are seated all by yourself.
Aren’t you supposed to be having fun, never mind all that.
“Care to grab a drink with me?, I will really love that.
So you suddenly noticed me,
I thought you were busy and having a good time with your friend Michelle, you two seem to be having a really great time.
maybe you should go back to your Michelle, you don’t want to keep her waiting and for the drinks thanks but I will pass”, I said
I can’t be seen drinking with my boss. Excuse me.
“What wrong with this woman”?
One minute we are cool the next she is acting up. You see why I call her crazy lady, Peter will think I’m being rude to her, If not what was the point in the way she just spoke to me when all i have done is to be nice and kind to her.
“Charles wondered”
I thought we are now friend so what up with the angry attitude this time? I offered to have a drink with me as a friend not as her boss. I thought we have moved pass this boss and staff relationship with her and we are now friends.
Ever since I made that decision, I have only seen that she is just a lovely and sweet soul. Smart and good with her job.
I have not given her any reason to complain about me or behave rudely to her. So what up with this her newly found behaviour.
” Great!, women are just full of drama that I can’t just understand”.
Michelle, began to see Charles more often at the office, they both hang out together and recently they started having lunch together.
Her presence in the office angered Ms Anastasia but she still won’t admit the fact that she was jealous seeing Charles with another woman and being too close with her.
“Here Comes little White witch”, mtcheeew.. always acting perfect like little miss goody tissue.
” Who is little white witch” Peter asked Anastasia? But she refused to talk or say anything. But he already knew that she was referring to Michelle, he still doesn’t understand why this two are to dumb to recognise and admit their feeling rather they choose to beat around the bush.
My foolish friend will just be disturbing me about Anastasia ignoring him and giving him attitude but still he chose not to do anything about it rather he is spending time with Michelle not knowing that what anger Anastasia. Great!, with all his smartness he failed to recognize what is standing right in front of him .
Not because I am rooting for Anastasia and Charles to be together but Michelle is just not good for him. She also among those girls that will do anything for Money not love but my zero love minded friend just can’t see and tell the difference between the two.
Peter decided to draft a plan to help his friend and Anastasia realize that they are in love with each other but are blinded to see it.

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