Fate: ( hard to find) Chapter: Ten

Fate: ( hard to find)
Chapter Ten
Nwanne Ifeoma
it so awkward standing in front of him. I just stared at him, not sure what to say or do.
“Should I apologise or appreciate him for giving me another chance”?
“I now understand what first impression mean”. Ana how will you correct the wrong thought he holds about you”.
” I let out a silent gasp”and greeted him”
Good morning Sir,
“No respond”
So many thoughts ran through my mind and my curiosity got the best of me as I looked up to him.
His eyes were glued to his laptop looking so serious.
” Geez” what type of human being is this”? “What happens to smiling”?
I couldn’t help but let my eye linger at his choice of dressing.
You never for once think that this grumpy man is the CEO of this big firm.
“Are you gonna stand there staring at me all day or will you take a seat” ?
His voice interrupted my thoughts and I suddenly realized that I haven’t moved from the spot I was since I enter.
” Young lady,” are you always this dumb”, lost in your own world, is this how you will carry out your duties.
” Remind me” why I accepted to this again. ” Said why shaking his head in disappointment”
“He continued”
Suddenly you can’t speak anymore or your putting up an act because you now know that am not jobless.
“Just to inform you,’ I will be watching you closely and if I by chance find you slacking on duty, you will be fired.
I quietly muttered and move forward, watching my body tremble at the sound of his voice. His voice carried so much authority . I couldn’t find my voice and it very annoying. To add to it, I was unable to look at him while he pass all his orders and rules.
“Anastasia be professional” forget the past and embrace this new opportunity and give it your best. I tried to boost my confidences. It was obvious I was losing it.
Working for Mr Charles was the most difficult thing ever.
Waking up every morning and remembering that it going to be another miserable day full with trouble and drama here and there.
I cannot please him or will he be satisfied with my efforts rather he only complain and scold me for every little thing.
I devoted my time and energy in this work just for him to at least appreciate my efforts but hell No”. He is impossible, cold like an ice toward me. He have never for once said “thank you” instead he will make sure that I am always engulfed with work and activities.
something tells me that he doesn’t see me as a human being but a robot he can order around. Making me work my ass out.
I still don’t understand why other staff praises him to be a great person but when ever I look at him, I only see an arrogant, rude and selfish person. I feel he just want to hear me complain so he can find a reason to fire me and satisfy his ego.
I have being tempted to just quit but that will be so foolish and more over my salary is really good. I just can’t throw that away. Just because of “Mr grumpy”.
********* Peter *******************
“Man” that was to harsh, I know the game was to make her pay for slapping your but Charles it over four months now and the young lady had done nothing but to please you. why act so cold and mean?
What was the point in embarrassing her in just manner.
I never thought that you, my friend will be the reason why a lady will have tears in her eye and sincerely speaking I think it time to end this childish play. I need my friend back not this man standing here.
Peter was really worried about his friend new found behaviour.
The only reason why he convinced him to accept Anastasia to work for him was because he felt that the two will fall in love but it looks like his decision was wrong. This whole game is getting out of hand and someone might get hurt at the process.
Something still tells him that his friend might had felling his running away from. Maybe the pains of the past is stopping him from facing his true feeling.

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