Fate: (hard to find) Chapter: sixteen

Fate (hard to find)
Chapter sixteen
Memory lane
Nwanne Ifeoma
“Why is Peter not picking his calls?
Today of all days, he decided to ignore his calls.
I will send him a text and pray he reads it on.
“Anastasia you caused this, you should have picked his calls rather you acted stubborn and foolish, now his in danger and it all because of you.
“I blamed myself as I rushed to the hospital.” Praying for him to be safe.
I remembered how he came into my office on Monday, it was obvious that he looked stress but I refused to look at him.
I was still very angry because he kissed Michelle so I decided to ignore him even when he tried to explain that nothing happened between Michelle and himself but I didn’t believe him.
” I tried to walk away from him but he pulled me very close to himself, his touch made me wake as my whole body responded to it but I was too afraid to give in so I free myself from his grip.
” I called him a liar and I don’t care if he kisses Michelle or anyone else that it doesn’t matter to me but he Drew me closer this time and smiled.
“His words” came flashing back in my he.”
So Anastasia, you don’t care if I kiss her then tell me why you are angry and why you can’t look at me while saying it?
He kept on coming closer to me this time.
“What if I tell you that you are the only woman I want to kiss and be with,
“l love you Ms Anastasia and it making loss sleep. I don’t care about Michelle or anyone else, you are the only woman I love.
“Ana”, just forget this boss and staff relationship of a thing and see how much I care about you.
I tried to say something but he silent me by kissing me passionately, I wanted to pull away but I found myself kissing him back and responding to every single touch. I couldn’t believe myself and what I was doing, I wanted him as much as he desires me. My foolish body was giving itself away as it yearn for more.
Demm! it felt good every single touch and kiss was magical but my fear and insecurity ruined the moment.
I broke from him and push him away, he came closer to me again and ask me if I don’t love him.
I yelled at him and replied him
Yes, Mr Charles I don’t love you and will never love someone like you and ran off.
Deep inside me, I knew I loved him, I wanted to be his, I loved the moment we just shared but I was too afraid to allow this feeling blossom.
After the moment we shared, I began to avoid him like a plague but he was too adamant to let me go. He was sure that I loved him but some reason I was holding back.
He was right, I love him but how can I have him, I was sure I will be the one to get hurt in the end but some part of me want to believe in his love and enjoy this ride.
I couldn’t handle the whole situation because it was affecting my job and I was avoiding people calling me names and that little white witch wasn’t helping matter.
She had to create more problem for me by making a fool of herself at the office, now everyone thinks I am sleeping with my boss.
I decided to resign from the job because the atmosphere was becoming unbearable for me .
I was sure he had gotten my resignation letter and that why he called me none stop but I decided not to pick him calls.
*******At the hospital*******
I rushed in like a mad woman and began to make inquiry about Charles.
“Good evening Doctor, I am here to see the patient that was brought in”
I am Anastasia, the hospital called to inform me about his accident.
“Doctor please will he be alright”
I repeated again barely able to curb the feeling of hope.
“Smile young lady”
“It going to be a long shot but I promise his going to be fine.”
We just need his wife or any of his family members to sign the “consent form”, before we can operate on him.
“Operate”! I said in shock,
Yes, but it a minor one so you don’t have to be afraid.
“Are you his wife or sister”, we really need to carry the operation now to avoid further damage.
I wasn’t thinking straight, Peter haven’t arrived yet and I can’t wait for him because I was afraid of losing Charles. I realized that I can’t loss him and I will do anything to save his life.
I signed the consent form prayed for the procedure to be successful.
I promised myself that as soon as this was over that I would confess my love for him.
“Congratulations madam, your husband is out of danger and you can see him now”.
“Husband”, Peter can you explain to me what this doctor is saying. When did my son got married and who is this woman here?
Young woman, who are you?.

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