Fate: ( hard to find) Chapter: six

Fate: ( hard to find)
Chapter: six
By Nwanne Ifeoma
Crazy lady! Watch where you’re going to. Look, you just messed up my shirt now.
“Me” crazy, ” you’re the crazy one here. You’re the one who bumped into me instead of apologising his calling me crazy.
I see you’re not just crazy but rude as well. Don’t blame you, it because you’re a man and men are just big jerk and arrogant.
” Do you also want me to pay for your cheap shirt” or you want something else. “Stupid set of human being”, always looking for a weak prey. “Mtcheeewww”
Jeez! ” Enough young lady” it obvious you’re in a bad mood and also in a mood to fight but if you think I was at fault I apologise, so you can stop creating a scene here.
Charles, raising his head up to see the arrogant lady that had no regard for men but to his surprised it was the same lady he almost hit. Before he could say anything angry “Ana” already dashed out. He was about to run after her when Peter called out to him and he had to let her go again.
Deep inside I knew it wasn’t his fault. Thinking about it now, I was actually rude to a man that I haven’t met before. Honestly it was my fault because I wasn’t actually looking at where I was going. will you blame me, I just had a arrow escape from that pervert. I sensed something was wrong when he locked the door but couldn’t make sense out of it.
His intentions became clear when he opened that trashed of a mouth.
I stood there shocked to the core.
What the heck! This old fool is old enough to be my father and he wants to sleep with me just to offer me a job. “Great Anna” you’re in for something. I was still trying to process his words.
Yes,”Ms Ana” what is your answer
The job will be your as soon as you play your part well. You’re such a beautiful young lady and I will double your salary with additional benefits attached to it just one night with you and all these and even more will be your.
“You heard me right, I want you” he licked his lips and kept coming closer to where I was seated.
Jeez! This man must be crazy, ” I snapped at him and slapped him as soon as he touched me.
” Crazy old man, ” do I look like a slot to you” that you can have a one night stand with, I might be in need of a job but not in an exchange of my dignity. Keep your job and do have a great day. as I made my way toward the door a hand pulled me back.
“Hot and spicy”; just the way I like my ladies but you made a mistake of slapping me. “Ms Ana, you should have cooperated in the first place and even if you’re to scream no one will rescue you from me today.
“N..no you must be joking Sir” I said stammering.
“It doesn’t seem so”, he replied dragging me to the desk and pinning down. He over power me and I was weak, but I still want to fight back. I will never allow him have his way.
Get off me” I yelled as i pushed him away and he hit his head on the desk. Grabbed my bag and ran as fast as I could out of his office without looking back.
Great! “Anastasia, your a bag of bad luck”. I said to myself
First it was Davis and his family then the accident and now this old man . All these in space of how many months. “Two months”
It was too much for me to handle. God I please I need a miracle just a chance to prove myself, I said that prayer in my heart while I dragged myself home. Looking lost and confused with myself.
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