Fate: (hard to find) Chapter: seventeen

Fate(hard to find)
Chapter seventeen
Hospital drama
Nwanne Ifeoma
Young lady, I am asking you something, who are you and why did the doctor just referred you as my son’s wife?
I just stood there watching her and wondering why I signed the form as his wife. Couldn’t I have waited a little bit longer but No you had to let your emotions decide for you, when will youstart using your head Anastasia?
“Woman are you deaf or something, speak up!
“Never mind” Ma, She is Anastasia,
Charles, new secretary. Peter replied the woman who was already confused.
” She was the one who informed me about Charles accident, when I was on my way to his house, luckily you were too.

I’m sure she wasn’t thinking straight while signing it.
Don’t worry Ma, tension and fear of losing someone dear to us can make us loss our mind.
” It clear now, So she is the same Woman Michelle told about, that causing problem for my son.
” Finally, we meet, I wanted to see that lady that I have heard alot about who is causing my future daughter in-law to cry over the phone, because you want to take what belong to her, that why I decided to pay him a surprise visit and here you are claiming to be his wife.
No problem, I am here and I will be the one to put things in order and understand what is going on in that foolish head of that son of mine.
” Thank you so much for your help but before I say something mean to you, you can now leave, I will call my son’s real girlfriend to come take care of him.
“Anastasia quietly walked away without muttering a word”
“Peter are you going to stand there or will you join me let see how your friend is doing. ”
She said while making her way to his ward”.
“I will be right there, let me put a call through to my wife.”
Peter ran outside to see if Anastasia is still around. He needed to explain things and make her understand that Michelle had brain washed Charles Mother with her little miss goody tissue behavior. Luckily he found her by a corner crying and feeling hurt.
“Ana”, he called her and gently whipped her face with his hands.
“I know you must be hurting right niw and I completely understand your feeling but believe me when I tells that Charles love you, things might be complicated right now because Michelle is creating issues but I promise that the woman you saw in there is the sweetest person to be called your mother inlaw. She is just looking out for her son.
“You see dear, Charles had been betrayed by different women he loved and I have watched him hurt, no woman will want to see her child hurt over and over again, Michelle is playing with the innocent woman emotions in order to get what she wants but with time her true deceitful nature will be real.
“He continued”
Anastasia you can’t give up now, you have to learn to fight for what you want, you two are meant to be together that why fate kept on making your path Cross but it your choice to make to let Michelle win or your love.
Lastly, he is the same man who brought you to the hospital the day you almost got your self killed, I’m sure he haven’t told you.
” Think of why you signed the form as his and why your here.
He said before going back into the hospital.
Charles woke up and was surprised to see his mother and Peter besides him. Confused because she never informed him that she will be coming.
He kept on looking around to see where Anastasia was because he made sure that the hospital informed her about his accident but when he couldn’t find her, he felt disappointed thinking that the news about his accident didn’t move her.
Peter noticed the disappointment in his friend face and signaled him not to worry that he will explain later.
“Hope you now know your place in Charles life”, Michelle bragged about winning Charles mother’s heart to Anastasia at the hospital gate.
Anastasia watched her as she praised herself about successful winning a game which have not yet being played. She only smiled and walked away because it was a waste of time exchanging words with the her.
She made up for her mind to teach that little white witch a lesson for ruining her image.

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