Fate: ( hard to find) Chapter: Seven

Fate: ( hard to find)
Chapter Seven♦
By: Nwanne Ifeoma
Hey man, “you’re late” and I know it’s not in your nature to keep people waiting. Never mind we still have about 45 minutes before we commence.
“Peter” it nothing, there was a little delay in the office that why but I’m here, can will go through the contract details before we proceed.
Charles, “my man” I can see the delay, I understand this kind thing better. “you 4 tell me” make I just cover the deal. just make sure she doesn’t leave her lip stick stain on your shirt next time. It okay if you don’t want to introduce her to me.” Take your time, I’m not in a hurry”
“I interrupted” Peter, what are you talking about and which stain?
Oh..No, so that crazy lady actually left a stain on me and still doesn’t see any need to apologize.
“Guy which lady” ? Peter asked
” Trust me” you don’t want to meet her. The lady is trouble and rude. Remember the the lady I told you about, that I almost hit, that never bothered to contact me in order to thank me rather I was the the fool that looked for her but couldn’t find her, Well she was the same person I bumped into today and also the same person that left this stain on my shirt. without even showing remorse rather she insulted me instead. I have never seen anyone so arrogant and insensitive like her. “Please carry on with the meeting I will be right back”
Whatever you say man, just know that we will still talk about this issue there’s more to her that you’re not saying and more over I will like to meet this your ” crazy” friend.
F**ck off,this discussion is over.
” Man wey like amibo pass woman” one day “u” go hear the one wey u” no suppose hear. Just to clarify ” she is not my friend” and mind your business.
“That what they all say from start”
he yelled” as he made his way to meeting venue. Did I mention that the shirts looks good on you. Mr CEO that wears jeans and shirt, “weytin happen to suit” and he said I have problem.
What type of lady she is, calling my shirt cheap. Her parents must have not given her proper home training because if they had done so , she will be mindful of her behaviour in public. She needs to meet my ” big woman” to learn one or two from her . Mtcheeewww!
********* “At the office***********
Good evening Sir’
My secretary entered,
Yes, “miss Sandra, how may I help you? I’m sure it pass working hours so what are you still doing here?
Sir’, responded,
I want to inform you that my wedding is in two months time and I will be traveling back home to prepare for it. I might not return to the office after it due to the fact that my husband to be doesn’t stay here. I will be moving to the Rivers State with him.
” and why are you just informing me about this now”, the letter that Peter brought to me did not state that you’ll not be returning. Well I can’t stop you from getting married can? I will surely miss you, Ms Sandra, you the best secretary
I had have in year. Hope there is arrangements for your replacement once you leave?
Yes Sir, Mr Peter and I had already found someone, I am positive she make a great secretary.
” She seems smart and humble, among the other applicants she has this firing spirit that I believe you will like. Most importantly she is a Database Analyst which made her the best for the position.
” and when will I be meeting this your choice, “Ms Sandra”
” She will be coming in on Monday so I can formally introduce her to you and enlighten her of her duties.
“Alright” Ms Sandra, make sure you call me if you need anything for your wedding and I will gladly help. Meet the Accountant on Monday before leaving I have a little package for you. It my little token of appreciation for all your hard work and dedication to this Firm. Everyone here will surely miss your presence.

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