Fate: (Hard to find) Chapter: One

Title: Fate: (Hard to find)
By: Nwanne Ifeoma
Chapter: One
Peter looked at my pissed face what the matter? He asked, “who was on the line that got you all worked up and moody”? Peter continued with his questions.
The expression on your face shows that there’s trouble in paradise. Charles, talk have we lost the deal because it only business that will get you pissed to this point of not noticing my presence.
No man, it not work related, if it was, I will be able to handle it but tell me how will I deal with my mother’s rants this weekend.
“guy, na my big woman” she coming over for the weekend and you know how she can be anytime she around.
but wait Charles, so this is why you are like this, here I am thinking we got big problem not knowing it just “Mr CEO”, avoiding his mom. man smile, it just your mom. how bad can her stay be and I know your big woman to be the sweetest and nicest person ever. Unless you’re the one troubling her if not I don’t see any problem here.
Peter, you will not understand my situation, I’m in for a weekend of marriage talk it already annoying having to hear her ranting about it on phone but now for a whole weekend. Gosh, I can’t deal with it right now I have these contract to handle and I don’t want additional stress or distraction of any sort.
See Charles, I think you’re just worrying for no good reason just see her coming as an opportunity for a good home made food or are you telling me you’re not missing her food think of it in that way. See these guy oh, I dey tell you about my problem you dey talk food. when you go change; wetin bring food for this matta now. haha I never miss an opportunity for a good made meal laughingly said Peter and you know say your big woman can cook. why do think I was always in your house for the weekend when we dey School. No tell me say you dey think say na because of your boring science talk just dey dream, nah because of all the delicious food I get better know.
peter you will never change and that how kachi stole Mr players heart. But on a serious note Charles, I think your mom is right. You need to find your self a woman if not a wife, just start from somewhere. I can count the number of girls you have being on a dates with. I understand that most of them never ends well but you can’t just give up. With your look and money any girl will kill to be with you even if just your side chic you know. Just look at me I am finally married who would have thought it will happen anytime soon. who you are make these money for self or you want to die as a bachelor. You are a good man and a good friend, you deserve to be happy.
Wait a minute, What is happening here laughing uncontrollable….. “Peter dey preach love and marriage to me” chai….
if no be say kachi pin you with that pregnancy news you go still dey single but go dey sleep around with every thing on skirt way get fine face. “Honestly” but wait, how did she get you nah charm she use, No nah better food still laughinng funny but you know say nah past things. I still dey thank Baba God wey give me small sense for that time if not I for done loss better woman and my wife. Kachi nah God sent if not I for still dey these bachelor’s life with you. Who knows what would have become of me judging by the way I lived my life. But Charles reason it small you go see say na True way your big woman dey talk. Abeg make i dey go house look at the time my family dey wait. Kachi no dey eat dinner with out me. “
“Okay man” later, we go see on Sunday during the game . “Alright “Mr lover boy”. greetings to My “Little boy” tell him say I get something for him.
“Charles “no dey spoil my son” go borne your own haha we both laughed as a take his leave.
To be continued…

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