Fate: ( hard to find) Chapter: Four

Fate: ( hard to find)
Chapter Four
By Nwanne Ifeoma
I wonder what would had caused a young lady like that to be so careless. What could be bothering her? Who enters a busy road without looking, she must be mad, “foolish lady” looking for who to die on. I’m grateful the doctor said she only suffered a shock who knows what would had happened if I did not stopped on time it will be a different case by now. There are really crazy people in this town.
Charles come on , what wrong with you. You just saved her, so forget it. You have your own problem to deal with but what if she is in trouble who knows. I kept on battling with myself until I got home. Today was unusual, I prayed never to have a day like this one. I was still talking to myself when my security man brought my attention back.
“Oga”, “i dey greet ooh”; Okon how are doing?
“Oga I dey fine I done dey greet you since” be like say your mind no dey here. Oga abeg everything dey fine 4 Work… Yes, Okon am fine just stress, that all. You can go now.
“Who be stress” wey dey find my oga trouble, Oga tell me wey he dey make I finish it”
” Okon” enough with the drama” am not in the mood for it. I walked passed him , leaving him to blab his nonsense.
Good evening, Sir. Yes Chime how you doing… Fine Sir. Chime is my domestic staff he actually good with his job making sure my house is kept clean at all time.
Sir, please your Mom have been waiting for you. “What! that came in as a shock, my mom is suppose to come in tomorrow morning not today. Well Sir, She arrived this Afternoon and insist in waiting for you to return. Oh No, when will this woman stop with all these her surprises I spoke with her this morning and she never mentioned she was coming in today .. you can go now Chime. Thank ” you sir.”
Hello! Mother; You are here, I thought you said tomorrow, good evening to you as well. I never told you tomorrow I said weekend. If I am correct weekend Start from Friday or you don’t want me to your house again?
“No Mother”, it just that I would had saved you the stress of taking a cab from the Airport. I would have sent the company driver to pick you or even pick you up myself. Your safety is my duty as your one and only sweet heart.
“Charles Andrew Ede” you know I am your mother and I know all these your game so stop putting up an act. I just wanted to suppraise my son. Are you going to keep stand there or willl you come and greet your Mother properly.
“Oh Mother”; when will you stop doing these to me. You know I am no longer a child.
“As long as you have refused to give me grandchildren”…
“Mother… please not tonight, I already had a busy and stressful day at work. You know what, let me change and we will have dinner.

” Charles, I know you are trying to avoid these issue but you must hear it and listen to me . Your father and I need grandchildren, we are not getting any younger. It the joy of every parent, just look at your friend ” Peter” his married with children. Talk to your mother if there’s any problem.
“There is no problem Mother just haven’t found the right one and for ” Peter” “love found him that why so can we leave this topic for tomorrow?
“Love you mommy,” I will be back. Chime please get the food ready.
Bia, Nne go and rest I will take over from there. I want to cook for my son let me show you how it being done, when I leave you can take over.
All through the weekend was just my mom constant talk of marriage, just as I expected, She won’t let a minute pass without reminding me about it. It either she talking about her friend wedding she attended or it about a friend child that put to bed.
Gosh! I was losing my mind. She now planning to pick a woman for me if I don’t introduce a woman to her before my next birthday. I don’t know what wrong with her as if I will just force a lady to marry me or love me.
Calling my sister to talk to her will be rubbing salt in my injury because she will take her side. She is also among the “marriage gang” that won’t let me breathe. She also had tried hooking me up with girls but to no avail.
Through out the weekend I kept on thinking of the girl I almost hit . I don’t know why my mind is judging me of not waiting for her to wake up before leaving. Why am I still worrying about her I already did the right thing by taking her to the hospital. Moreover it wasn’t my fault she was not looking at where she was going but that didn’t help. I promised myself to visit her on Monday before going to work maybe that will make my mind rest.
The long weekend was finally over and i prayed that these week ends well no drama of marriage. let my life be normal again. I kept my promise of visiting the girl I took the hospital but so sad she was discharged already. I thank God that she was find but something in wants to know why she was lost while crossing the road that she almost got herself killed.

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