Fate:( hard to find) Chapter :Eight

Fate:( hard to find)
Chapter :Eight
The Slap
By Nwanne Ifeoma
Hurry up Ana darling, you don’t want to be late on your first day at work. Mommy; “shouted from the kitchen”; ” you should know that first impression” matter and it will go a long way. ” Ana”‘…. She continued with her yelling.
“I’m coming Ma”, I replied her from the room.
I don’t even know between her and myself who was more happier about my new job. She was up as early as 5:00am to get things ready as if I was still her little “Ana” but somehow I found that behavior very funny and sweet.
“Ma” if you don’t let me go now, my late coming will be on you and I’m sure you won’t want that. ” I said to her” while I rushed out to catch a cab.
*********At Zetech Enterprises*****
Wow! What a wonderful view, they must had spent a fortune building this empire. I can’t believe I got accepted here. After being disappointed by many companies I finally got a job in this big company This is indeed a start of a beautiful beginning.
.” Someone dragged me from falling and disgracing myself.
“Watch your step” ” woman” a voice said from behind while pulling me up.
Suddenly, I let go off him, seeing it was the same man I bumped into two days ago. Gosh! “what is he doing here” ?, I wondered in my mind. Let him not create a scene here”
” It you again” the man said, it obvious you like endangering your self and what are you doing here? Wait a minute are you tra… …..
I stopped him from finishing the sentence.
“You must be delusional”
what do think of your self Mr Man?
I was angered by his mentality
” And what do you mean by what I am doing here? If I must ask, is your father the owner of the building or are you the security guard, I added.
Why on Earth will I need to track you, not that you have anything to offer me or are you someone important that needs tracking.
“You amused me by the choice of your words”. I don’t even know what wrong with you men because I happen to bumped into you the other day which was entirely your mistake, his already getting idea.
” Jeez” just give it a rest and maybe you should stop looking for a way to touch me in the name of bumping or helping. ” I am fully aware of all these tricks that men use.
One more thing, try to get a Job to keep yourself busy intead of wasting Precious time on me. “Excuse me, some of us got important things to do rather than wasting it on jobless and foolish men.
” I walked passed him making my way into the office.”
Charles, did you just watched this foolish and mannerless lady insult you again in your own company? I asked myself.
No….no… something must be wrong with her, firstly she so clumsy and always landing herself in troubles, to add to her foolishness she can’t even show appreciation, even after I had helped her for the third time now
rather she calls me names
” She must be taught a lesson this time, she is not getting away this time not on my watch.
He ran towards her to show her where she belongs but before he could say a word to her, she gave him a thunderous slap for pulling her hand.
The receptionist and the door man was shock to see what happened. Even Ana was shocked by her own action, she never knew when she became a bitter person toward men. After the break up with Davis she get irritated by men, never knew the anger she had been pilling up within. She stood in front of him waiting for his reaction and what comes next while all eye was fixed on her.
Just then Ms Sandra walked in, clueless about what just happened but could sense the intention between both parties.
Good morning Sir, she greeted her boss but no respond his eyes were fixed on the lady standing in front of him and his hand on his cheek.
Hello Ms Anastasia,
You made it on time, meet Mr Charles Andrew Ede the “CEO of ZETECH ENTERPRISES” and your new boss.
Sir, “Ms Anastasia, your new secretary”, she added”.
What! Both Charles and Anastasia was speechless and surprised by the news.
Ms Sandra, this must be a good joke and prank. You should know that today is Monday and I can’t start a new week in this manner.
Charles said with so much anger in his voice as he made his way to his office leaving both Ladies.
While Anastasia broke down in tears. She just messed up big time. She was sure that Mr Charles won’t let her work in his firm regarding the way she just behaved towards him.
God! What a mess, “did I just slapped the man I was supposed to work for”.
This Job was a miracle, I never expected them to call me back after the interview because the of people who showed up for position was many. She went for interview before the whole break up things, but when got their call on Saturday that she got the job. it came as a shock because she had lost all hope, thinking that someone else got the position already and now I just destroy the one good thing that had happened to me in month.
” Ms Sandra still couldn’t understand what was going and honestly, she was very confused because all the years she had worked with Mr Charles she had never seen him so angry with anyone in just manner. And why is Anastasia crying, What going on right here she yelled…
Do u think Charles will let Anastasia work for him after the way she treated him in front of his staff.
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