My name is Aiyepeku Emmanuel Damilare today we will be discussing about common money mistakes by people I have documented numerous financial mistakes that are being made by individuals, families, organizations, nations e.t.c over the years; and these have been gleaned as a result of my own personal mistakes, observations made from the experiences of others, lessons from counselling and consulting session etc. I will be sharing 50 of them with you in this book. I am confident that if you take these lessons on board going forward, it will help limit or eliminate your possibility of making the same mistakes by making you wiser. In the world of today, everyone needs to learn, unlearn and relearn continually because knowledge is progressive.


Most people are poor due to the above mistake. They have continued to pass over opportunities that come their way. One very vital fact about life that everyone needs to know is the power of opportunities. Opportunities are doorways into new realms Opportunities are ladders into new levels Opportunities are steps to higher heights Opportunities are lifts to new dimensions It is better to be prepared and waiting for opportunities than for opportunities to come and meet you unprepared. Think back into your life, and you will realize that many missed opportunities of your past is one reason you are where you are today.
You must realize that what most people call luck in life is when opportunity meets with preparation. Let the mistake of misusing opportunities become a thing of the past for you. I have a book and an audio on this that will greatly help you to know the Seven Ways to Identify Opportunities and the Fifteen Universal Facts about Opportunities.


One major question everyone needs to answer is: “Why are you working?” The most common answers are: To earn a living To make money To take care of my family To build a career etc Amazingly many people have not been able to realise that the major reason they should go to work is to learn how things work and not just to earn a living. You work to learn and not to earn. This is a major mistake that millions in the rat race have made for generations and one reason poverty has been perpetuated in many lives. Almost every week I am contacted by people that have worked for decades who still don’t know what to do with their lives, especially those who have just retired. They have their gratuity but still don’t know what to do. How can you work for decades and retire with your gratuity and still be confused as to what to do except for the fact that all your working life has been to earn and not to learn. After five years in any organization or industry, if you work to learn and not to earn, you will have gathered enough knowledge about that industry or organization to stand on your own.


One of the major mistakes many people make that end up becoming their pitfall is having only one source of income. This is a major mistake because once something goes wrong with that income source, they become stranded. Having multiple sources of income is one of the major secret to unending wealth and one of the things I learnt early in my financial encounter that helped change my financial story. When you have more than one source of income, it is a better security because it is difficult for every source to have a problem at the same time. There are three major types of income stream as revealed in my School of Money book, and many people only operate on level one which is ‘’once and only’’ or earned income. It is the type of income where you labour once and you earn once. So, to earn again you must go and labour again. This is a wrong way to live. Many of what people call Multiple Streams of Income today is actually multiple struggle because they are all on the level one type. Get my audio resource on Multiple Streams of Income for more insight.


There are three major classes of business that anyone can go into in life and they are: Positive business Negative business Charity or non-profit business. When i talk about doing the wrong business being a mistake to avoid, I am looking at it from diverse angles that you need to realize to avoid being a victim: = doing a negative business is an error = doing a positive business as if you are running a charity is an error = doing a charity business as if it is all about profit is an error
35 = doing a business that is contrary to your value, passion and wiring is an error = doing a business that does not fit into your location as we will see later etc. Any business you go into must be right for you and you must be sure of that lest you become a casualty.

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